Software Architect providing architectural vision and decision making in the application development life cycle.

  • JEE expert and technical lead
  • Application architect
  • Expert troubleshooter
  • Build and deployment automation architect
  • Performance tester
  • Open source evangelist

I love writing code and I love solving problems!!

Taking an idea and turning it into a concrete functioning piece of software is fun. Refactoring buggy code (even if sometimes it’s mine) and making it performant are pretty cool tools to have in your belt.

A rising tide lifts all boats

I’ve always considered myself a lifelong student. Listening to the ideas of others and those who think differently than me has helped me grow. I also think being able to teach concepts is important. Whether it’s professor mode or teach by example, helping others grow is just good karma.


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  • October 2011 - Today

    Chief Architect - SUM Global Technology

  • April 2011 - October 2011

    Software Architect - InComm

  • December 2000 - April 2011

    Lead Architect - Choicepoint/LexisNexis

  • May 1998 - December 2000

    Software Engineer - Caldwell-Spartin

  • December 1994 - May 1998

    Software Engineer - Information America

  • April 1992 - December 1994

    Software Engineer - Healthdyne Technologies

  • April 1992

    Graduated from Georgia Tech


Drop me an email if you are interested in me coding for you or saving your neighborhood!